Ecorche' (ekorshay) Fr. Anatomical figure of an animal or human with the skin removed to show the location and interplay of the muscles

This method of the ages old study of human anatomy through sculpture process was created by Rey Bustos. His students are required to construct their own ecorche as an indepth, hands on, 3D study of human anatomy, an exciting prospect for any student of medical science, whether at online colleges or doing their fellowship. These models are constructed in 1/4 scale from clay with a wire armature. The left arm bends at the elbow!

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Ecorche Still Photographs
models by Rey Bustos

Flash TurnTable Animations
models by Rey Bustos

Ecorche Student Gallery
Logan Williams Aya Morton Toi Ogunyoku Jr.
Leslie Stefanson Andrew Bina Joe Todorovitch
Javier Zumaeta Natalia Cudlip Alvin Manning
Michael Gomez Burton Rick Morris Frank Baramdyka
Eddie Garcia Lizzie Nichols Marc Estrada
Frank Baramdyka Trevor Simonsen Tibi Elad
Liviu Eftimie and his
9 yr old daughter Alex,
Rey's youngest anatomy
Carmen Dalany
age 14
Wayne Johnson
Andy Mai Chris Stewart Helen Yoon
Rey's anatomy students
at work
Ashley Stoddard Britt Wallstrom
Tania Henderson Tania Working Corey Hamilton
Jing Zheng CSULA students
working on their
Michael Silver
Michael Silver Shawna Burger, CSULA Alyssa Tuthill, CSULA
Kate Savage,
LAAFA student
Kate Savage and Kelli Fountain,
LAAFA students
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