Just Released, 2 new books by Rey Bustos.

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This book was suggested by my students.
They are basically my lecture notes from my anatomy classes plus some images
from a show that I did in 2010 of blackboard drawings.

As a citizen of Earth, I was intrigued, as an artist, I was inspired.
As I traveled the planet from my cozy home , shades drawn, I saw the world
in a new way. From satellite images the world lost perspective.
I don't mean perspective as in view point or philosophy. I mean, literally,
perspective. Perspective that I learned at art school.
Artistic perspective given to us by the masters , the geniuses in
Florence Italy in the fifteenth century, THAT perspective.
From miles up there are no visible vanishing points no perspective
as Filippo Brunelleschi taught us almost six centuries ago.
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"Coffe Cups"
11" x 17"
"Man Created Coffee..."
8.5" x 11"
"Whistler's Mom Likes Coffee"
8.5 x 11" $10.00

Signed prints for sale! Buy "Coffee Cups" and either of the other two and get the third free! All three for $30!

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