Ralph Roberts
Grayson Marshall
Ariana Richards
Taron Baysal
Neville Page & Scott Robertson
Thayne Wheeler
Kate McCallum
Jim Barry
Mike Tracy
Catherine Just
Toi Ogunyoku Jr.
Mark Strickland
The Art of Ian Norbury
The art of Adrian Gottlieb
kate Sammons
Bren Sibilsky
Erick Sosa 1 -or- Erick Sosa 2
Lee Price
Zack Petroc
Ryan Kingslien

Institutions and Galleries
San Marino Gallery
L.A.Academy of Figurative Art
Art Center College of Design
The Gnomon Workshop
Karen Cope Studios

Online Anatomy References
Lower Muscle Extremity Atlas Bone Clones
The Bone Room
Animal Skeletons
Skulls Unlimited Intenational
Pelvis Explained
Skull Explained
The Giust Gallery
Animal Diversity Web
Dapper Cadaver
Anatomy of the Face
Sculpting Anatomy of the Arm and Shoulder
Ryan Hall Art Blog
Anatomy For Sculptors
Ten24 - Skull Sketcher

Fun Stuff
The Dancing Skeleton Page
Drawing of a Woman
Elephant Artist
How we Walk



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