Friday, August 28, 2009

My Book

Finally after many attempts to get this book published, I decided to do it myself and have it exactly the way that I want it. I will post when it is available and you will be able to buy it from Blurb on line. It will be $56.95 through Blurb. It will be 8X10" hard cover, about 160 pages and the name, at least at this point, will be,
"REY'S ANATOMY, Notes from a Teacher". It will be a mix of images and some helpful tips and many anatomical images from drawings to my ecorche's, The same ecorche's that are on this site except labeled. Please pass this information on. I should have the first books up for sale in September or October 2009. I have a show of my new paintings this November in South Pasadena at the South Pasadena Gallery and I am hoping to have some to sell there at the opening night, on the 14th. Thanks for all of the support, Rey


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