Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rey's Anatomy: Notes From a Teacher,available now

Well everyone, my book is in my hands and now available for you to get as well. It's wonderful for us artists to be able to create our own book in this amazing era that we live in. Self publishing is tough and more expensive, you have t do all of the work, edit the best that you can,etc. The books are a bit more raw,like a great garage band, but it makes it possible for us to reach out a little more to our fellow artists. It also makes my book for example, more unique in an artist's collection , every book is made to order, like a good meal, and sent out to you. There is no warehouse, no tons of dusty boxes of this book. You'll more than likely be the only one on your block with this little book. As I said, it is a sampling of some of the classroom lectures and notes,a supplement to other artsitic anatomy books that you might have already. I know I love having many anatomy books. If you live anywhere in the L.A area, it would be great to have you in my class at some point. I love teaching with a passion and will teach for the rest of my life, God willing I have many years left.....this book is my way of trying to reach out beyond the area that I live in.
Please order my book through BLURB:
click on "Bookstore" and then enter "Rey's Anatomy", in the SEARCH box. Or look through the "Arts & Photography" section. Please keep trying, I need shoppers, no experience necessary.
I don't think the email address on my title page works..try this one:
Try the link below to view and or to order my book.

Warm wishes,


Blogger Buddelicious said...

I am a student from across the hall at LAAFA. Just bought you book. I actually went to amazon to look for it at first...but I guess using a service like blurb makes more sense. Thanks. -wilson wang

12:08 PM  
Blogger reybustos said...

Thanks, come over to my class anytime and I'll inscribe it for you. Warmly, Rey

6:42 PM  

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