Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rey's Anatomy: Notes From a Teacher,available now

Well everyone, my book is in my hands and now available for you to get as well. It's wonderful for us artists to be able to create our own book in this amazing era that we live in. Self publishing is tough and more expensive, you have t do all of the work, edit the best that you can,etc. The books are a bit more raw,like a great garage band, but it makes it possible for us to reach out a little more to our fellow artists. It also makes my book for example, more unique in an artist's collection , every book is made to order, like a good meal, and sent out to you. There is no warehouse, no tons of dusty boxes of this book. You'll more than likely be the only one on your block with this little book. As I said, it is a sampling of some of the classroom lectures and notes,a supplement to other artsitic anatomy books that you might have already. I know I love having many anatomy books. If you live anywhere in the L.A area, it would be great to have you in my class at some point. I love teaching with a passion and will teach for the rest of my life, God willing I have many years left.....this book is my way of trying to reach out beyond the area that I live in.
Please order my book through BLURB:
click on "Bookstore" and then enter "Rey's Anatomy", in the SEARCH box. Or look through the "Arts & Photography" section. Please keep trying, I need shoppers, no experience necessary.
I don't think the email address on my title page works..try this one:
Try the link below to view and or to order my book.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rey's Anatomy: Notes From a Teacher

Well, I am awaiting my copy of "Rey's Anatomy: Notes From a Teacher". It should be here this Saturday from Blurb in Washington state. Blurb is a self publishing service that is fabulous for those of us that either haven't been able to get a publisher or have had bad experiences with the big publishing houses. I've had some frustrating times with a few publishers and decided to simply put my book together myself and in the way that I want it to be done. It was an exceedingly large project and very difficult at times and often discouraging. I am not good with computers and had to learn a lot about PHOTOSHOP and now know what a lot of the little icons are used for. It has been a great learning experience and designing and putting this book together for you has been a labor of love. It is restricted by size, the more pages, the more expensive, so I had to keep it to under 160 pages to keep it from being too expensive. It's still more than the mass produced books but then, you will have a book that others don't. It's a smaller run. The people at BLURB basically "cook to order" and only print when each book is ordered. I like that. At some point in the future I would like to have a paperback version on Amazon and keep this limited run hardcover on Blurb. You can now simply GOOGLE "Rey Bustos on Blurb" and find my book on that page, click and you will see the front cover and even turn pages,about 25, to see some of the neat stuff inside those few selected pages. Order on the Blurb site and it should take about a week to ten days to get the book to you. "Rey's Anatomy: Notes From a Teacher" is a supplimentary synopsis and will be a great addition to your other artistic anatomy books. Thank you for your support, Rey